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This QR code will open the mobile version of the current page, and you'll be able to process with getting your device UDID, IMEI,...

How does it work?

Follow these easy steps to get the result with just a few taps!

Visit getudid dot dev website
Visit this website

Visit this website

Visit the website using the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad.

Make sure to use Safari as this process will not work in other mobile browsers.

Install profile
Install profile

Install profile

Tap "Get your UDID" button to install the temporary Profile Service.

This profile is temporary and exists on your device only for a few moments to send encrypted data. After this profile removed from your iOS device. We do not store or reuse any of your device information.

Copy your UDID
Copy your UDID

Copy your UDID

Your UDID will appear, tap on it to copy and you're done.

Reasons to choose

Easy and fast

No iTunes required. Open our website on your iPhone/iPad to see how it works. It should take no more than a minute to receive your UDID.

Secure. Sure

We don't store any of your private data on our servers. All data transferring to your browser has been ciphered using 256-bit AES to prevent hijacking. Don't tell your UDID of iPhone, IMEI or Serial Number to any non-trusted third party persons to be kept from fraud.

Good UI

We've worked tirelessly to design the user interface for and as a result it has an eye-catching design that no other UDID-receiving site has at the moment.

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devices recognized!

We are delighted to see the number keep increasing, it motivates us to create more projects in the future. Don't forget to spread the word and let more people use our products.

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