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UDID is an abbreviation for Unique Device Identifier (UDID). The UDID is a feature provided by Apple to identify iOS devices. Apple uses the UDID to communicate between Apple servers and individual iOS devices. This allows Apple to associate the Apple ID and the Cloud ID with the corresponding iOS device. Each iOS device has an unique ID.

There are two formats of ID: iOS devices that came on the market between 2007 and 2018 have a 40-digit lowercase hexadecimal code and all devices after 2018 have a 25-digit uppercase hexadecimal code.

Your UDID is a unique identifier that Apple uses to associate a device to an iOS developer account. Connecting the UDID to a developer account allows that device to install beta releases of iOS for testing. To track usage of apps, set up game networks, and store a few simple app development settings, UDID is essentially useful for developers. During iOS app development, it can also be linked to a set of notification settings or as verification for login information.

  1. Visit GetUDID.dev in Safari on your iPhone or iPad to use our automatic UDID finder. Make sure to use Safari as this process will not work in other mobile browsers.
  2. Tap "Get your UDID" button to install the temporary Profile Service.
  3. After install profile, your UDID will appear to copy.

iPhone and iPad
  1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to a Mac/PC.
  2. Select your device in iTunes.
  3. Click where it says "Serial Number". This will change to "Identifier (UDID)".
  4. Go up to Edit > Copy on a Mac (Command+C) or PC (Control+C).
  1. Press Command + Space bar and search for "System Information".
  2. Select "Hardware" from the left column.
  3. Your Hardware UUID will be seen last under the Hardware Overview.
Apple TV
  1. Ensure both your Apple TV 4K and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
  2. Open xCode
    1. Click on the "Window" menu item
    2. Click on "Devices and Simulators"
  3. Open up the Settings app on your Apple TV 4K
    1. Go to "Remotes and Devices"
    2. Go to "Remote App and Devices"
  4. Your Apple TV 4K should appear in XCode's "Devices and Simulators" window under "Discovered" devices
    1. Click on your Apple TV 4K under "Discovered" devices
    2. Click the button that appears to pair your Apple TV 4K
    3. Enter the code displayed on your TV into XCode
  5. xCode will pair with your Apple TV 4K and it will appear under "Connected" devices
    1. From here there is one step left: click on your Apple TV 4K under "Connected" devices
    2. The UDID will be displayed as the "Identifier"

IMEI Number is simply a number that users can use to identify a device that uses terrestrial cellular networks.

A “terrestrial cellular network” is the network one uses to access the internet connection. Your cellular carrier provides this connection because of your data subscription. It is also the network one uses to place a call on a cell phone. People call it terrestrial because it does not use satellites to connect. It uses planet-side antennas instead.

Our website can also detect your IMEI number, but you can also find your IMEI number according to official instructions from Apple.

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